3M™ and BioClear Restoratives Method

Advantages of BioClear

3M™ and BioClear Dental Restoratives method is an advanced dental treatment method that also combine the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, including:

Comparably low cost
Natural appearance
Stain resistance
Able to close gaps and black triangles
Fast, Ease to repair
Crown alternatives, able to avoid Lab work
Completable in one visit
and Most Importantly, Preservation of natural teeth and reduce needs for root canal.

Old indirect crown methods often require the removal of more than 60% of good natural tooth structure and surrounding tooth protections. Due to the excess tooth structure removal to fit the crown, it drastically increases the need for root canal and lost of nerve systems in addition to natrual tooth.

BioClear Crown Alternatives

Our advanced crown alternatives strive for minimal tooth reduction and aim to retent natural tooth to prolong the life of the tooth and nerve systems. Combining the benefits of cosmetics dentistry, it can close gaps and black triangles that traditional crown are limited to. Our BioClear method is able to avoid lab time to make the crown and get you taken care in a single visit.

Elite Community of Doctors

There are only 11 BioClear registered doctors within 100 miles of our office, and 95 registered doctors worldwide. Eddie Kao DDS is happy to bring this advanced technique to the surrounding community.

Comparably Low Cost

Our advanced BioClear method cost same as crown and by avoding the need for root canal can cost less comparably, however, this advanced methods is not covered by most insurance yet, but will be a great choice for cash patients, or for patients who want to preserve their natural teeth and nerve systems.